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This is the webpage on the progress of Tactic Air. The page is designed to obtain a wide range of support during our research and get this project to success.

As it's evident that economy originates the basic structure of every social and political society, there are still people who insist that economy play the role of bones in a country. Therefore, the efforts for having a strong boned community, where every one can taste life facilities, are to be considered gracious. Tactic Air by its alternate conforming the related issues, and laterally following the path which Afghan caravan is set on & headed to its economical destination, wants to be part of this caravan. And itís obvious that private sectors play a major role in a countryís economy, hence we ought to start induction of such sectors. But remember that doing all these need time and financial facilities and as well as familiarization and getting used to contemporary economical methods which are to be implemented in Afghanistan.

Letís experience these new norms of economy, where every thing is economical & everyone can afford life necessities, and which helps out building up a strong skeleton (economy) for Afghanistan. Recovering Afghan economy may need time slot, but nothing is impossible*.

Tactic Air along with the shortage of facilities is still committed to present the nation with its best services and efforts to accommodate our people.

Concluding the Founding Group of Tactic Air graciously request Economics and Air Transport Consultants & Experts to provide us their consultancy and advice to concoct this project; and please do provide us comments that you think that can affect our efforts. Thanks




  Omid W. Mobtaker



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